1. After a fire at St Pauls Church before Christmas, sadly the whole of the exquisite interior has been damaged.  We will be cleaning and restoring the damaged stained glass windows along with some skilled colleagues.  The Church has an incredible chronology of stained glass, documenting the entire 1800's. The majority of the main hall is made up of windows designed and painted from the early to mid 1800's by A.W.N Pugin and John Hardman.  Both these men who headed family businesses and transformed so many buildings in the U.K exhibit their unique style of complementing the colour of the glass with their painting, creating a vibrant marriage. In contrast to the large main hall, C.E Kemp shows off his originally controversial technique of using the glass as a canvas for his paintings.  These animated portraits are in stark contrast to the dark tracery line based work of the other artists at the time. In addition to these stalwarts, Clayton & Bell also features in the main hall on one of the walls.  Again different, Clayton & Bell believed in the replication of a medieval style of painting and design.  The facial features and garments often lacking perspective, but always intentionally, in an attempt to replicate past masters.

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