8ft long with 10 flags: Bright colours or pastel colours


      Conjure up the magic of summer even on the coldest winter nights. Beautifully copperfoiled and strongly hung, the bunting is very versatile and made in the exact colours pictured.

      Our handmade bunting comes in a bag fronted by a unique wax seal. Inside is the wrapped bunting, a note from us and also included are brass hooks.

      The bunting measures 8ft (2.5m) long and consists of 10 glass flags, each roughly measures 12cm vertically.

      The flags are attached to the chord through loops so can be adjusted if desired.

      I think you will agree they are rather fun and would brighten up any interior.

      Ordering details

      If you would like to order one right away, please follow the paypal link below, through which you can either pay through your card or paypal account.  Postage is added at an extra £5.50 per set.  We make sure the bunting is packed very well and hold a 100% rate of non breakages.  If you would like to order more than one set please contact us directly for a postage discount.

      Please allow 5 – 7 working days for delivery.