1. If you have accessed this page directly from a search engine, it is not displayed correctly.  Please click on the 'news' tab and find the post in the news feed (feb 16th 2011) We have a couple of exciting commissions being done at the moment.  Particularly four large panels based around the work of Josef Albers, who was part of the infamous Bauhaus movement.  The Staatliches Bauhaus, commonly knows as 'Bauhaus' operated from 1919 to 1933.  This exceptional collection of artists revolutionised modern design from 1919  to 1933 at their school of art in Germany.  The particular work we are undertaking is inspired by the Josef Albiers stained glass windows he produced for the Sommerfeld House, which was unfortunately destroyed.  The undeniably groundbreaking approach Josef Albers took to modernism and stained glass has always been an inspiration, so when the brief to work from is this particular image, Keith and I are particularly pleased.

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